Smart class - Connecting students, mentors and devices to provide an enriching learning experience.
IT Lab - Enabling students to be at par with students across the world.
GYM - Improves strength flexibility and endurance.
Language Lab - Basic language lab to offer an excellent result oriented English language learning process.
Splash Pool - Attain co-ordination and confidence.
Tasty Bites - A Pantry providing healthy and nutritious snacks.
Play Park - The best amenities for all the play activities
Nature park - Varieties of species of plants, trees , birds and pet animals
Puppet corner - Puppet show to enhance visualizing skills.
Indoor play equipments - Fun filled and thought provoking games.

Apart from all the many special and specific equipments, toys and teaching tools that are scientifically designed to provide the best learning experience for children, accent is given to very many extracurricular activities that are essential for the physical and physiological growth of the child.

Music forms a very important part of the extracurricular activities and the students are individually observed and encouraged to learn the best method of experiencing music, be it instrumental or vocal.

Many do-it-yourself crafts and models are made a part of their training so as to make every child self reliant and to instill a sense of scientific inquisitiveness.

Training in breathing exercise is given so as to improve the mental and physical health of every child and to help them focus better.

Periodical medical checkups are done to ensure that every child stays healthy and to ensure that early detection is made possible to any eventuality that might unfortunately crop up.

Training in Karate and self-defense is given so that every child becomes better disciplined, self confident, responsible and attain good physical well being.

Training in fine arts is provided so that they enjoy and appreciate our culture as well as other cultures better.

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